Weekly Classes


Weekend Classes

About The Class

Each class is an hour long session divided in two core intervals; building strength and a metabolic conditioning. Building strength is lifting weights. Everything has mass. It’s called ‘Science." Adding weight to a barbell is the same concept as moving boxes or carrying a child. Metabolic conditioning is designed to maximize calories burn during and after drills. Conditioning workouts range from 5-30 minutes. This class will have you completely exhausted, but coming back for more!


Unlimited Package $140/mo.
3X Per Week Package $120/mo.
First Responder Package $100/mo.
Teacher and Students Package $100/mo.
10 Class Punch Card $100/mo.

Why Crossfit?

CrossFit is the most popular option in our gym. Why? Because it works. With constant varied movements executed at high intensity, there is no match. We build strength and increase conditioning levels at the same time. Everything we do here we relate to everyday activity, so we make life even easier!